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I Need to Talk About Weezer

A new chapter in the Weird Mountain Podcast. Today's random topic is Weezer! Today's random cohost is Lenny! Follow him @lemmyorleans on Twitter. We play games and have segments. Wanna be the next cohost? Follow us on Twitter @AWeirdMountain for details.

Don't Laugh or You Die

Ooooooh maaaan. What is there to be said of this episode? It's an odd concept, it suffers in audio quality, and it starts out pretty slowly. BUT, it turns out pretty great, and the fact of the matter is that you almost never got to hear it. Enjoy...Also, REVIEW US ALREADY!

Ben is (Not) Dead

Dakota and Kyle take a departure from the the usual podcast style, and from Nashville itself, to revel in the memory of an all-but-forgotten dear friend of the show. ALSO, WE FOUND SOMEONE WHO HAS NEVER SEEN STAR WARS. So that's something.

The Weirdest TV Show of All Time

What's the weirdest, wackiest or just absolutely worst show you've ever seen on the ole boob tube? Did watching it make YOU feel like a boob, in an olde English sort-of-way? Dakota and Kyle are joined by Taylor and Heather to discuss just that.

We Went to a Hockey Game

Don't discount this episode because it's about hockey, because it devolves into a real, on location, NHL fever dream. Dakota, Carol and Kyle all went to the Nashville Predators match against the San Jose Sharks, and it's quite the spectacle for the ears. Firstly, Kyle lays the groundwork for what to expect. Then, we hearreactions during the game, as well as dreams coming true. At different points, we are also joined by Adam, Daniel and Piper. This might be our best episode yet.

Summer Movies

Film! The Silver Screen! There are a LOT of films coming to a theatre near you this summer (and the entire year, really), so the Weird Mountaineers take a running stab at predicting all the hits and misses, in glorious, hilarious fashion. Also, we play a game to guess the plot of some arbitrarily named 2017 flicks. What a mouthful.

Memes, Now and Forever

I know, trying to fully describe and discuss memes in podcast form sounds like a foolish endeavor, but we tried anyway, to hilarious effect. Jace McClain (Nuclear Bubble Wrap) and Steve Loring (Nerd is the Word) join Dakota and Kyle to look back on memes of 2016 and predict the memes of the year to come. It's actually pretty ok.

Star Wars Special: Rogue One

It is a time of war in the galaxy between the rebels and the Empire. By cover of night, five brave souls gather to discuss the recent happenings in the Star Wars universe and muse about cameos, crying during films, and Days of Thunder. Also, the debut of two new segments: Ask an Aussie, and Did Carol Cry? This is a great episode, if you like it. If you don’t then it mightn’t be.

Mom's Spaghetti

In which we rate rappers and nibble noodles. This episode finds our climbers chatting, competing, and improvising for the title of Weird Mountain Victor. What's your favorite segment? Got a segment idea or an original audio clip for the show? Let us know on our forum on and visit

Are You Weird?

Welcome to Weird Mountain, the podcast that explore all of the oddities that the internet has to offer, filters it through Dakota Rimmer's brain, and then presents it in podcast form. Today we talk about being a weirdo. What is your favorite segment? Want to talk about the show? Want to submit an audio peice to be played in an upcoming episode? Contact us on Twitter @aweirdmountain or on our facebook group.

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